Saturday, June 2, 2012

"There was an old lady who lived in a shoe"

 Well Hello all! I guess I'm only good at blogging every 6 months. Oh well I stay pretty busy I will use that as my excuse ;) This is our new favorite family photo (Thanks sam!! we love the ones we've seen so far) This picture pretty much epitomizes what my day is like everyday. It looks fun huh? Well it is so much fun, and SO much work.
 Charlie and Deklan are 6 months old and already so busy. They are both rolling over and almost crawling. Charlie is a little better at it than Deklan, but Deklan rolled over first so I guess its Charlies turn to be first :). They get up on all fours and rock, and they will scoot almost anywhere backwards. They will turn in circles and they definitely don't stay confined to the carpet anymore. They are so much fun and so smiley and happy. They are teething and Charlie almost has one poking through. Charlie also has pretty nasty exhima but is still really happy about life. I love them to pieces and I'm so glad they are in our family. 
 This picture just shows you how stinking cute my kids are. I know you should all be jealous. We just bought a house about a month ago(pictures to come soon). We absolutely love our house. It has all hardwood or tile floors. It is 3 bedroom one bath. It has a giant detached garage in the back and we use it for the massive storage. Its fantastic. It has a beautiful newly remodeled kitchen with granite counter tops and new cabinets. The rest of the house is newly remodeled also. We love it! The kids love being in their own space and playing in the yard and sprinklers.
 (this picture is pretty much the most awesome picture ever, Charlie is almost always this smiley)
We live right next to a park so we go play there a lot. We love having that option. Especially in the summer when we want to play in the sun. Anthony loves his new job and is enjoying being a big boy ;) We are all grown up now "single tear". Only we aren't really grown up, with so many little kids how could we be haha.
 This is my little man. Yes he is getting so big and he is such a talker. Hes always telling about cars and dogs and anything else he sees. Him and elly ususally get along great but now that they are getting to be more individual they argue more, but hey they are brother and sister thats what happens right? He loves to run and jump and climb and do everything else boys do. He has decided hes picky about what he eats but I think its just because he wants to be difficult, but were figuring it out. Hes a tantrum thrower but is also the sweetest boy. He will come give you loves and let you snuggle him and hes always saying such cute things. Just ask my mom ;) Hes also almost 2 so big!
This is my gorgeous little princess, and yes shes a princess. Shes always wearing dresses and playing ponies or princesses. Shes always telling me mom your the best or I love you mom or this is the best day ever. Shes such a wonderful girl and such a big help. Shes always loving on her brothers, sometimes too much. I couldn't imagine anyone but her as my little girl. Shes getting so big and is already 3. I cant believe it. She talks like shes 5 and sometimes I have to remind myself that shes just a little girl. I love her so much!

Our 4 year anniversary is coming up on the 6th. I just want to say how much I love my husband. He is the most amazing father and husband. I have been trying to lose the baby weight but hes constantly telling me how beautiful I am. He always tells our kids, there is your hot mamma. Im almost to where I want to be but I know no matter what he will always love me. He helps me all the time and is such a good provider. He changes diapers and even wakes up in the night with the kids as much as I do. He does the dishes and helps clean the house and helps put the kids to bed. I don't know how I got so incredibly lucky but I am so blessed. I love him and the family we've made together. I am so glad to be sealed to him forever. I love you baby! 4 kids in 3 1/2 years.. yep were that cool, you all wish you were as cool as us.
Well there is the update! Enjoy!

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