Saturday, June 2, 2012

"There was an old lady who lived in a shoe"

 Well Hello all! I guess I'm only good at blogging every 6 months. Oh well I stay pretty busy I will use that as my excuse ;) This is our new favorite family photo (Thanks sam!! we love the ones we've seen so far) This picture pretty much epitomizes what my day is like everyday. It looks fun huh? Well it is so much fun, and SO much work.
 Charlie and Deklan are 6 months old and already so busy. They are both rolling over and almost crawling. Charlie is a little better at it than Deklan, but Deklan rolled over first so I guess its Charlies turn to be first :). They get up on all fours and rock, and they will scoot almost anywhere backwards. They will turn in circles and they definitely don't stay confined to the carpet anymore. They are so much fun and so smiley and happy. They are teething and Charlie almost has one poking through. Charlie also has pretty nasty exhima but is still really happy about life. I love them to pieces and I'm so glad they are in our family. 
 This picture just shows you how stinking cute my kids are. I know you should all be jealous. We just bought a house about a month ago(pictures to come soon). We absolutely love our house. It has all hardwood or tile floors. It is 3 bedroom one bath. It has a giant detached garage in the back and we use it for the massive storage. Its fantastic. It has a beautiful newly remodeled kitchen with granite counter tops and new cabinets. The rest of the house is newly remodeled also. We love it! The kids love being in their own space and playing in the yard and sprinklers.
 (this picture is pretty much the most awesome picture ever, Charlie is almost always this smiley)
We live right next to a park so we go play there a lot. We love having that option. Especially in the summer when we want to play in the sun. Anthony loves his new job and is enjoying being a big boy ;) We are all grown up now "single tear". Only we aren't really grown up, with so many little kids how could we be haha.
 This is my little man. Yes he is getting so big and he is such a talker. Hes always telling about cars and dogs and anything else he sees. Him and elly ususally get along great but now that they are getting to be more individual they argue more, but hey they are brother and sister thats what happens right? He loves to run and jump and climb and do everything else boys do. He has decided hes picky about what he eats but I think its just because he wants to be difficult, but were figuring it out. Hes a tantrum thrower but is also the sweetest boy. He will come give you loves and let you snuggle him and hes always saying such cute things. Just ask my mom ;) Hes also almost 2 so big!
This is my gorgeous little princess, and yes shes a princess. Shes always wearing dresses and playing ponies or princesses. Shes always telling me mom your the best or I love you mom or this is the best day ever. Shes such a wonderful girl and such a big help. Shes always loving on her brothers, sometimes too much. I couldn't imagine anyone but her as my little girl. Shes getting so big and is already 3. I cant believe it. She talks like shes 5 and sometimes I have to remind myself that shes just a little girl. I love her so much!

Our 4 year anniversary is coming up on the 6th. I just want to say how much I love my husband. He is the most amazing father and husband. I have been trying to lose the baby weight but hes constantly telling me how beautiful I am. He always tells our kids, there is your hot mamma. Im almost to where I want to be but I know no matter what he will always love me. He helps me all the time and is such a good provider. He changes diapers and even wakes up in the night with the kids as much as I do. He does the dishes and helps clean the house and helps put the kids to bed. I don't know how I got so incredibly lucky but I am so blessed. I love him and the family we've made together. I am so glad to be sealed to him forever. I love you baby! 4 kids in 3 1/2 years.. yep were that cool, you all wish you were as cool as us.
Well there is the update! Enjoy!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ok, Its been a while...

Hello all you bloggers out there. So apparently I really suck at this blogging stuff, considering its been almost a year since I last posted.
So since it has been so long there have been alot of happenings in the lock-smith home. In april of last year we found out we were again expecting and this time it for sure was a surprise haha. (more on that part later haha) In may, Anthony graduated from ISU with a bachelors degree in Statistics and one in Economics, I am still so incredibly proud of how smart he is. Later that month we moved to boise, because lets face it there are practically no statistics jobs in pocatello, and we felt like boise was the right move for us. At the end of may at my first drs appointment in boise we got a suprise about what we were to expect when expecting this time.. the story goes as follows..
Ever since I had gotten pregnant this time I was getting bigger alot faster and I attributed this to be because this is my third pregnancy and each time you get bigger faster.. Anthony kept joking it was going to be twins.. we all had a good chuckle over that. Yet, in the back of my head I thought what if it really is twins, they do run in my family. So on the 25th of may at my first dr appotinment in boise, my dr did an ultrasound just to check and make sure all was going as planned.. when he turned the ultrasound machine on the first thing I saw was 2 little heads... and the dr said.. "Oh my!" and I just started laughing and said, its twins isnt it. My heart was beating a million miles per second and anthony looked like he had seen a ghost.. so yes we found out we were having twins. We let all of our family know and noone believed us even after they had seen the ultrasound pictures( this isnt much of a suprise if you know anthony and his pranks that he likes to pull haha since on april fools we had pulled an april fools that we were pregnant, we were but we didnt know it yet haha)
Anywho time went on and I got big.. Yes huge. I'll post a picture of me at 34 weeks (thats the last picture i took) The whole pregnancy went perfectly, I was never put on bedrest and even though sleep was a thing of the past by the end, I could still pick up my kids and do most of the things i normally did in the end. I carried the twins to 37 weeks, which is awesome considering how much baby was in my body haha.. so on Nov 29th after 7 hours of easy labor(my water broke on its own right after i had left my drs appointment that day.) after almost sneezing baby A out haha we were blessed with the arrival of Charlie Garth Lock-Smith and Deklan Greggory Lock-Smith. We were so glad they were here and I was so glad to have them out haha.

Mommy and babies first pictures

Cinderella and Perry the platypus :)

Summer fun! we spent alot of time at the parks :)

My Beautiful princess elly, she has grown so much. Sometimes I have to remind myself shes only almost 3 because she acts so much more grown up. She is the best helper with her brothers and loves them so incredibly much. I love her so much and am constantly amazed with how smart she is.

Christmas morning, Ians favorite toy, his bus... DI is awesome!

Daddy and the twins(I had to tell him not to make a silly face haha)

Say hello to ginormica. I got even bigger by 37 weeks people. That is alot of baby almost 11 pounds of baby. suprisingly i only gained 32 pounds and it pretty much all came of when they came out haha. thats less than i gained with Ian.

Charlie and Deklan, our sweet new angels. Charlie is in the grey and deklan is in the brown. They are super happy smily babies. Charlie weighed 4 lb 8 oz and was 18 inches and Deklan weighed 5 lb 2 oz and was 18 and 3/4 inches. Both are growing awesome and already getting so big.

Elly holding baby D :) She loves them so much and is a fantastic helper.

Our little twinners :) Charlie in the car hat and Deklan in the blue one.

We had a great holiday season and got to spend time with lots of family. Anthony is currently working as a video editor part time at channel 2 in boise but were hoping to find a job in his field soon so that he can get some experiance so he can become an actuary. Ian and elly are getting SO big and they are so much fun to run and play with( and im so glad i have the mobility to do so now. ) Ian says lots of words but is still my little snuggle bug. Hes definatly a mammas boy but he sure is a boy haha. He loves trucks cars and making huge messes. Elly is a beautiful princess and she acts like it. shes a wonderful help and talks better than most 5 year olds.. she knows her numbers and abcs and can recognize all her letters, were working on learning how to write them right now. She loves princesses and helping mommy with her brothers. :)

Im doing fantastic, Im so glad to be able to excersise again and hope to be back to a six pack by march. Ive lost all the baby weight and am under my pre twin weight but am working on getting to my pre ian weight. (go HOT MAMMAS!!) Well im tired, I hope you all enjoy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


All the typing ended up on the bottom lol

Happy Birthday to Elly and Anthony!!!! Elly turned 2 a week ago!! Its nuts how fast time goes, I cant believe shes already 2. Shes so independant and talkative. She is very much her own person. She is so good about helping and cleaning and putting things away. She tells me she loves me all the time despite how much I feel I lack as a parent. I am so blessed that shes is mine.

Anthony turned 25 on saturday and is SOOOO close to graduating. So we are currently on the job hunt. I know we'll be ok and find something but we'll both be relieved when we have a job. He is so amazing and I am the luckiest girl ever!! He works so hard in school and is the best dad ever!!

Ian is everywhere, literally. He stands on everything and walks along anything he can reach. He stands on his own and sooo wants to walk, but at the moment just seems to hit his head on everything. But hes such a happy baby :) And so cute :) I am very lucky :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh the weather outside is FRIGHTFUL!

Hello all you bloggers!! Sorry it has been such a long time since I posted something lol. Having 2 kids has kept me plenty busy and to be quite honest lol my blog page was having issues loading photos and such when I tried to post a little while ago lol. So here is a quick update on all of us.

Anthony: he is doing great in school and loving it. We are both really really excited that he only has one semester left. He just finished no shave november and has a full huge beard, and I can honestly say I'm thrilled for him to shave it all off!! lol Hes cute no matter what but its just so scratchy! lol (it is for this reason that he has a beard in his pictures below lol)

Kailey: I am doing well, just staying busy with the kids and getting ready for christmas and such nonsense. We are so excited!!! We put up our christmas tree the day after thanksgiving an elly loves to play with it, unfortunately lol. I am trying to keep a clean house and all that jazz and still trying to get back in shape. Man how I wish there was a magical pill that just melted this flab off and made me buff again. A little discouraging but im working on it.

Elly: She is talking up a storm and getting so big! shes almost 21 months old and I still cant believe how advanced she is. She can tell me when and what she wants to eat and drink, if she has an owie she tells me. She also tells me when she poops and when she pees. I should probably start potty training but we'll see how ambitious I get.

Ian: He is my little chunky monkey! At his last appointment he was 16 pounds and 24 and half inches long. Hes rolling all over and itching to crawl. I was hoping to have a sedentary baby for a little while but alas he is much like his sister in how fast hes been picking up on things. He loves rice cereal and were getting ready to try baby food on him. He is also currently working on his bottom two teeth and has been a little grumpier than usual but is still such a happy sweet boy. He loves to jump and laugh and he and elly have a grand ol time together.

Ok so the image uploader is being GAY so if you wanna see the family pictures I was gonna post go to my facebook page. Sorry I wish it was working but its not! Dumb thing.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Baby Ian Kell is Finally Here!!!

He's Here!!! YAYA
Little Ian's journey decided to end a week late. So at my appointment my dr stripped my membranes and we set and induction appointment for the next morning at 6 AM. Well after my membranes were stripped i started to have more painful contractions but they were like 20 min apart. Anthony's mom showed up around 5 and we went to dinner at wingers around 530. Well during dinner my contractions were about 7 min apart and getting more painful, but we werent going to go into the hospital unless my water broke because they just sent us back home with elly. Well anyways, after dinner they were steadily getting closer. We then got a phone call from my mom saying my grandma mitton had a brain hemmorage and was unconcious and probably wouldnt make it. So we headed to the hospital and my dad said to just go up to the L and D ward because they were going to life lite grandma to IF . At this point my contractions were 3 min apart. When they checked me in they said they would keep me for an hour and see if they were dialating me at all. (at my dr appointment I was a 2 and when we got to the hospital i was a 3) anyways a half an hour later (9:15 pm) I told the nurse my contractions were alot harder and closer and that i thought my water had broke. It had and I was dialated to a 4. So they checked me in officially and the contractions got much worse and much faster. So I wanted my epidural but they had to call the guy to come in, so an hour later I'm screaming for my epidural " i want an epidural dammit" (yes everyone laughed lol) and while thye were giving e the epi i felt tons of pressure(keep in mind right before i got the epi i was a 6) so right after i had the epi someting still hurt so they checked me and i was ready to push. So in 3 and half hours of labor and 5 pushes little ian arrived and we love him so much! 6 pounds 13 ounces and 21 inches long. hes perfect and we love him.

mommy so happy hes here :)
Elly loves her brother and is an amazing to him gives him kisses hugs and is amazing :)

heres his cute face :)

proud daddy

happy tired mommy :)

right after he came :)

elly giving kisses for the first time

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Spring Break Adventure...

Our spring break this year has been full of crazy adventures.
Monday was pretty normal, we hung out and was lazy all day. Elly was a little fussy that day and we thought it was just teething. We went and hung out with the Haynies and had lots of fun, I left at 11 and anthony came home at 1 lol. When I got home I changed elly's diaper and saw these little hive like bumps around where the edge of her diaper was. I didnt think much of it and put some diaper rash cream on it and put her to bed. She was super grumpy that night and didnt sleep well at all.
Tuesday. I woke up and got elly out of bed and she was covered in a rash and hives arms legs and a little on her face back and chest. I had no idea what it was and was kinda scared so I called her dr and we took her in later that day. He said it was probably contact dermititus and put her on a benadryl regiment. It made her more sleepy and a little more managable so we thought it was making her feel better. She still wasnt quite herself but she was acting better. So we put her to bed and she woke up 2 times so anthony gave her a blessing and she slept a little longer. Then woke up at 3 and wouldnt stop screaming and the rash looked worse and finally we got her to sleep at 5 and she woke up 2 more times.
Wednesday. When she woke up the rash was a little better(or so we thought ) on her arms and legs it had turned more of a light brown not red, but the hives and rash got worse and bigger on her chest. Anthony had his Actuarial exam that day so I spent the day with a screaming very clingy child, and felt horrible cause I couldnt do anything for her. It is the worst feeling in the world feeling so helpless, expecially when you love something so much. So we called her dr and he couldnt fit us in so we ended up taking her to the ER around 6 and when we got there they told us it looked to be an allergic reaction to the ammoxicilin that she had just finished taking for her ear infection. They said she was probably allergic to the penicyllan in it. They gave her a shot of addrenlilin since her toes were starting to turn purple from lack of circulation and swelling. (which was horrifying) then they gave her 3 doses of zyrtec and it was amazing to see how the rash and hives started to get lighter in color and fade.
Thursday we woke up after only waking up once. She looked so so so much better her face almost cleared(although she hates taking her medicine) and her body clearning up nicely. I took her in for her follow up appointment and they said shes looking so much better and that the meds she is taking is making her better.
So to my relief my daughter is fine, still a little fussy but so much more like herself. Fighting sleep right now as we speak but she is playing and eating and being elly and I cant tell you how horrifying it was to see the reaction to the medicine. I am so greatful for the power of the priesthood and my husband being worthy to hold it. I am also so greatful for dr's who know how to help my baby girl feel so much better. Needless to say it was not fun but I am SO happy its almost over. I love my family and I love my baby girl and shes doing awesome now :)
Thats my spring break fun, hopefully the weekend is more fun haha.